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New trackshot.stp For "The Gauntlet" Track
nascarfan15 - 8/15/2009 - 112.0 kb - 1395 User Downloads  
Posted By: nascarfan13  
I found this awesome track last night or two night's ago called "the Gauntlet" - By 3MN5 I ran it last night and I found it had no trackshot. I made my own trackshot.stp from one of my own gauntlet track photo's I made. Just drop the file into your papyrus/nr2003/tracks/gauntlet folder. Enjoy! And download the track at nr2k3tracks.com(under speedway's then down to the g named tracks) or at 3MN5's website: http://www.freewebs.com/trackdownloads/ (Click full download's and scroll down a bit) Look at some of his other tracks and track update's too he does awesome work :D Enjoy! :D O and visit my site for Gsye's and other files for your downloading pleasure ;) http://www.freewebs.com/nascarfan15 :D
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Posted By: 28ruddfan  
hello everyone...this track was made for the league i race in...BlazinPedals...come check us out at www.blazinpedals.com this is our official team track...awsome track...after it was complete it was released to anyone that wanted it...have fun with it..awesome track..
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