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70 Haas CNC Pocono II nr2k2
nbaker9-91 - 10/18/2007 - 768.0 kb - 969 User Downloads  
Posted By: nbaker9-91  
This is a newer car that didn't come with that set that never was officially released so I thought some people would want/need this! Credits: Same as the other Sauter car I posted (Not sure if it's alright to say that or if you'd like for me to put them again) I was looking at my posted cars before and I was thinking gosh, I have come a long ways! I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my cars for that! You guys ROCK!!!!!

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Posted By: nbaker9-91  
not 100% once again.... also thanks Cheezypuff for the driver and this is in tga format because I have gotten reports that these cars that I had posted the car files for didn't work in nr2k2.... Thanks guys!
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