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Brickyard for NASCAR 2 Upgrade - n2indy.exe 1871 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 217.5 kb  
If you have the converted Indianapolis track for NASCAR 2 you will notice that the graphics still look like ICR1 graphics. The AI could be a little better and the records and track txt files are off. This utility updates the graphics to those of NASCAR 2 standards, improves the AI so they drive like NASCAR's, and fixes various problems in the txt files. Please do not repost this utility.
N1 INDY to ICR2 Converter - n12icr2.exe 1469 downloads
Alex Santantonio & Gerhard Lingenberg - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 152.2 kb  
Many of you have the Brickyard for N1 but INDY for ICR2 is needed to convert it to N2. You can use this utility to convert it from N1 to ICR2 even if you do not have ICR2, just check out the readme.txt.
N2 Dover, Talladega, Pocono, Charlotte AI patch - aiupdate.exe 2581 downloads
Tom Hanson - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 251.5 kb  
This utility fixes the awful AI performance at Dover, Talladega, Pocono, and Charlotte. This is a complete self install, simply specify the tracks directory and double click, the rest works for you.
NASCAR 2 mirrors fix - mirrors.exe 1894 downloads
Chris Mans & Papyrus - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 16.5 kb  
If you dislike the mirrors in NASCAR 2 you can easily fix them with these instructions.
Colored Bachgrounds for Driver PCX - bgutil.exe 1565 downloads
Eric Busch - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 239.8 kb  
These are the colored backgrounds for the driver pcx's in NASCAR 2. This is great for adapting your driver pcx's to the correct background.
NASCAR 2 Palette fix - palette.exe 1721 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 18.6 kb  
There has been a problem with the palette when impoting new pcx files into NASCAR 2. There are certain colors that exist in the exported cars palette, but when imported, these colors are clear, but appear as white. In this palette the transparent colors are represented by a bright pink, and a deep blue. First open the file called pal.pcx and save the palette as NASCAR2.pal. If using Paintshop Pro or another program that can match palettes just copy the main car box from the pcx file, and paste it as a new image. Load NASCAR2.pal to this image, and copy it back onto the untainted pcx file. Save it in the NASCAR2 directory under the correct car.pcx file name of the driver you would like it to represent. Start NASCAR 2 and import the new file, this should work, it does for me.
N2 Pacecar Patch - pacecar.exe 2663 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 58.4 kb  
I got sick of looking at the awful pacecar that came with the game so I decided to do something aobut it. This will change it to the 1996 Brickyard 400 Camaro Z28 Pace Car so every time you cause a yellow you can follow a real car.
NASCAR 2 Car Selector - Win 9x only - N2carselect.exe 3163 downloads
Alex Santantonio - 3/28/2000 - 1 User Comments - 724.4 kb  
This utility allows you to select a new body style every time you start NASCAR 2. I have included my most favorite body styles in this patch. Thank you to the authors Gilles Benoit, Gregg Barnett, and Matt Tyson. Proper credit has been given to each in the readme file.
3do editor - 3doedit.exe 2295 downloads
Marcelo Bassino - 3/28/2000 - 1 User Comments - 62.2 kb  
With this you can edit the 3do files in ICR1, ICR2, and NASCAR 2.
3do utilities - 3doutil.exe 2080 downloads
Gerhard Lingenberg - 3/28/2000 - 0 User Comments - 69.1 kb  
These utilities allow better viewing and placement of various 3do files.
Pack/Unpack - datutil.exe 6858 downloads
Corey Rueckheim - 3/28/2000 - 3 User Comments - 45.1 kb  
This useful utility allows you to pack and unpack the dat files in any sim from Papyrus.
LP editor for N2/ICR2 V4.0 - lpedit40.exe 2160 downloads
Robert Szikszo - 3/28/2000 - 1 User Comments - 95.2 kb  
With a little practice you to can edit the AI at any track, this utility is great if you have patience.
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